How to Succeed

Are you ready to begin your Todah Campaign? Or do you still have a few questions? Either way, we have put together a few tips to help you have a successful experience on!

1.  Create your plan!

Communication plan: Think about who you will tell and how you will tell your story (emails, social media outlets and good old fashioned word of mouth). We suggest writing up daily/weekly posts NOW so that you will be ready to notify everyone you know in the coming weeks. Also, put together an update and thank you plan so you will be ready to thank all those fabulous donors!

Video & Pictures: Research shows that online fundraising efforts that include videos typically raise 4 times more than campaigns without videos. lets you easily post videos from YouTube or Vimeo. We also love to see campaign pages with great pics!

Tell your story: Start drafting a one or two sentence overview and a longer more detailed description of what you are trying to accomplish (BUT NOT TOO LONG). Don’t forget to provide information on the potential use of funds and your organizations past positive impact in your community or cause. Donors need to know why their donation is IMPORTANT!

2.  Let’s talk Fundraising and timeline goals!

Set your timeline: People have short attention spans, so try to keep your timeline to 4 -8 weeks. Much longer than that and you will lose momentum and interest.

Set your campaign goal: Be Reasonable! This is not an “if you build it they will come” tool. Keep in mind the number of people on your mailing list and the level at which they have given to you in the past. You will be reaching out to YOUR networks and your networks’ networks. You can always surpass your goal, but missing your goal will look like you didn’t have a good plan.

You will see helpful donation sliders on the Todah START A Campaign page to aid in determining the number of people and corresponding donation ranges you will need to reach your goal!

Build your page: Go to ‘START A CAMPAIGN’ fill in all the usual Info: official name of your organization, contact name, email, website and mailing addresses.


3.  You’re already a champion to us!

Spread the Word: Now all you have to do is share it! Post it on your ALL your social media pages, send it out to your email list, and ask everyone you know to share it with all their contacts too! Make it so compelling that they won’t be able to help themselves!

Say Thank You to every donor and provide updates in the future!