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  1. TELL YOUR STORY – You have a compelling story, so share it through words, pictures and video. (Campaigns with videos garner 4x the funds as those with no video. It doesn’t need to be a fancy professional video. It can just be a simple mobile phone video showing your impact through testimonials or whatever tells your story of impact best.)

    Once you have decided how much you need to raise for your project, you will find interactive sliders on your profile page to help you pick the best giving ranges to fulfill that goal based on what you know about your donor/contact lists (how many people, their giving ability, their networks, etc.)

    Now all you have to do is share it! Post it on your ALL your social media pages, send it out to your email list, and ask everyone you know to share it with all their contacts too! (Make it so compelling that they won’t be able to help themselves!)

It’s that simple!

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Note: There is an 8% transaction fee for each contribution.

As a Nonprofit


Choose this if you are fundraising for a particular Nonprofit. It is required to be a valid Nonprofit with an active EIN number. Donations to this campaign ARE tax deductable.

As a Personal Cause


Choose this if you are creating a campaign that is not directly associated with a Nonprofit. Instead, this is a personal cause for an individual or a family. Note: it is NOT Tax Deductable.