Seeds of Faith

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Seeds of Faith

by Sagamore Leadership Initiative

Imagine living in conditions where you weren’t exposed to grocery stores that provided fresh produce. Seems pretty abstract, right? Well for those living in the Martindale-Brightwood community, this is their reality. This area suffers from a food desert which affects how they buy and consume food. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a food desert as an area where little fresh produce is available for sale. In fact a study conducted by the USDA showed that 23.5 million people live in food deserts across the United States and the numbers have continued to steadily rise. In our own community stated that 200,000 Indy residents live in food deserts.

One organization that has worked on combating this growing epidemic is the Edna-Martin Center of greater Indianapolis. This center was founded in 1941 as way to bridge gaps between racial and economic differences in the community through a series of programs provided by the center. An example of a way they they’re trying to bring about change is by planting a garden that will pave the way in creating the area’s very first farmers market, which could be a huge step in refurbishing their community. Our group Seeds of Faith will be contributing our efforts to assist in kick-starting their community garden through providing the funding for tools and seeds for the various fruits and vegetables.

Not only are we striving to bring a change, you can too. Using the Todah Give platform, your donation would be between $1 and $55. That means only 55 people need to give to fully fund our campaign to help those in that community commence ending the ongoing epidemic. Join us and plant seeds in the soil and hearts in the Martindale-Brightwood community, and together, we can fight food deserts and food insecurity in our own neighborhood.

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Gary Raikes said:

I have experienced firsthand the health benefits of eating more fruits and vegatables.

July 14, 2019, 1:51 p.m.